The Association is managed by 

  • One board

    Françoise Ropert Conquer, President
    Sabrina Boutros, Vice President 
    Philippe Pupin, Treasurer 
    Cédric Boutros, Secretary 
    Jules Betrancourt, Adjunct Secretary 

  • Three operational divisions
  1. Institutional/Scientific division
    Claire Oudin
    Xavier Hatchi
    Françoise Ropert-Conquer

  2. Communication/Events division
    Sabrina Boutros
    Cedric Boutros
    Catherine Delsaut
    Jules Betrancourt

  3. Social division
    Françoise Ropert-Conquer

  • A Scientific Advisory Board (SAB), comprised of distinguished professionals dedicated to the field of biology, genetics and medical discovery is underway. 
    The role of the SAB will be to provide thorough scientific and independant review of research proposals and request for foundation participation and funding.